Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Duck Patio

HKC2, the big Siamese/Maine Coone cross (a Tycoon, really) has disgraced himself again.  After the Pheasant Episode some years ago which resulted in a broken catflap, I thought he'd give up Big Game hunting. Mostly he concentrates on small but tricky prey, such as weasels, rabbits, the odd squirrel and when the wind's in the wrong direction, rats.

At Christmas he'd grown bolder again and nabbed a near-neighbour's guinea fowl, leaving me the feet, a LOT of feathers and some explaining to do.  I couldn't face it: I binned the evidence and let Charlie-the-fox take the blame.

Another near-neighbour has three large Aylesburys and a couple of not-Mallards, Mrs of which is sitting on eggs in the back paddock and Mr of which has taken up with the Aylesburys cos he was bored. I'm sorry to say that HKC2 invited a protesting Mr Not-Mallard in for dinner one evening via the new catflap and wouldn't take no for an answer.

The catflap survived. Mr Not-Mallard, however, although rescued and repatriated, died 48 hours later and as a result, relations are Strained between HKC2 and Mr Not-Mallard's owner.  I offered to pay  of course: blood money, vet's bills, funeral costs, whichever was needed or came first but the neighbours sportingly declined ... and dined on duck themselves.


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  1. Tycoon? Oh Ceka, you really have a way with these names!

    I'm glad the duck didn't go to waste - but how do you sleep at night? Aren't you scared the Cats will fancy owl?